Breakfast Blocks - Blockchain email news product

Breakfast Blocks is a blockchain-focused morning newsletter that hits your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Myself and two friends worked on this product for approximately 6 months in our free time purely because of our fascination for the industry. After 55 successful issues, we are taking a step back to assess feedback, understand where we succeeded / fell short, and roadmap our future... Check out our work here!

What did we do?

  • Idea conceived in December 2017
  • Spent 2 months developing aggregation algorithm and product design
  • Performed beta testing in February 2018; 1 month feedback / tweaks
  • v1 launch in March 2018 (MVP), Agile approach to v2 launch in April 2018
  • Grew subscriber list 50% month over month to reach 300+ subscribers
  • Co-authored 55 editions of newsletter, hitting inboxes more than 12,500 times
  • Average open rate of 23.1% over 4 month period
  • Consistently beat average Business / Finance Industry newsletter open rates (13.1%)

What did we learn?

  • Organic growth is extremely difficult, especially in a crypto bear market
  • Paid acquisition works, and CAC in the Bitcoin / blockchain world isn't cheap
  • Low click rates aren't a bad thing - it keeps people inside your email
  • Writing 3x per week drastically improves ones writing ability - no matter the topic
  • 2-step sign up (web sign up + email confirmation) reduces capture rate... Small lists should not implement this, large ones should; it keeps your demographics honest


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metrics vs. industry average (last 30 newsletters)