Product Overview

The year is 2020. Apple has patented a contact lens with augmented reality capabilities. Iris is an AR platform designed with the end user in mind, putting full control in the hands of the consumer to see the world, differently.

iris for iPhone

iOS 2020 comes fully equipped with an augmented reality platform called iris, and your iPhone is the gateway to an augmented world. Download Augmented Reality Kits (AR Kits) from the App Store and configure them on your device. AR Kits come with pre-built definitions, but each kit has customizable features.

iris for Apple Watch

Your AR kits are synced across your icloud profile, and iris is most powerful when deployed alongside the Apple Watch. Each AR Kit has interactive watch capabilities, and allows you to manipulate the environment around you from your wrist. Apple put technology in our pockets. Now it’s putting it back in front of you.

iris Lens

The iris Lens reads the world around you, and synchronizes to the custom experience that you have built through your phone and your watch. Apple’s proprietary technology allows for real time augmentation layers that exist as an overlay to the real world outside. The Iris Lens is the first of its kind. With Iris, you’ll see the world, differently.



I was recently featured on the front page of Sketch App Sources, and this project has already received 7500+ views and 2300+ downloads since publishing on July 3rd 2018. Click below to download the full Sketch project that I used to create this product!

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